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A DNR vehicle permit is required to park on State Land.  Effective 10/1/2010 a new Recreation Passport will be available for entry to all State Parks for $12 when you renew your vehicle license plate.


Under the Michigan equine activity liability act, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in an equine activity resulting from the inherent risk of the equine activity.

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About Us

Pinckney Trail Riders Association is a completely volunteer run 501c3 non-profit corporation registered with the Internal Revenue Service and the Michigan Attorney General’s office as a Charitable organization. Current tax year Form 990-N can be viewed at

Contributions to the PTRA are deductible under section 170 of the Code. Bequests, devises, transfers, and gifts are also tax deductible. Donor should retain canceled checks or obtain a receipt for their tax records.

Copies of the 501c3 application can be obtained by contacting us.  A photocopy fee will apply.

Pinckney Rec Horse Trails

The 13 miles of Pinckney equestrian bridle trails are situated within approximately 1,000 acres of woods, wetlands, and open meadows within the Pinckney State Recreation Area, southwest of the town of Pinckney, Michigan. The terrain and footing varies, generally being described as moderately hilly and not overly rocky. Several of the trails that traverse glacial ridges on the north side of Monks Road are positively breathtaking, especially in the spring and fall.  

The layout of the trails allow riders to venture out on any length of ride desired, since there are many cut-off trails and loops to get riders out further or directly back to the staging area. Trail maps are located on posts at most trail intersections, and all posts have a numbering system to help riders navigate the trail system. At several marked locations along the northern edge of the trail system, riders can connect to the Lakelands Trail, which will allow one to extend the length of their ride into Pinckney, Gregory, Stockbridge or beyond. The Lakelands trail will get you almost to the Brighton Recreation equestrian trails also, with a few miles of dirt road riding added in. On the southern edge of the Pinckney Recreation area, you can ride through a gorgeous white and red pine forest into the town of Hell, MI, yes, from the Pinckney Rec trails, you can ride to Hell and Back! A short walk on a busy road is necessary to get to Hell, and it is recommended you dismount at the road, a mounting block is located just within the trail to help you back into the saddle.

To access these wonderful trails, riders can park their rigs at the equestrian staging area at 3683 Monks Road, Pinckney, MI, or camp at the Hell Creek Campground and ride out directly from the campsites. Please note that the Monks Road staging area now boasts a vault toilet, a hand pump water source, pavilion, mounting block, picket posts, large grill, and picnic tables. Riders can also park at the D-19 train depot just north of M-36 and ride west to access the Pinckney trails.


Our purpose is to improve, protect, maintain and expand the horse trails in the Pinckney Rec Area and surrounding areas for use by horse men and women, their families and the general public for horseback riding, horse camping and horse related activities.  

Further goals are to establish a good working relationship with Michigan DNR personnel and to assist them in their efforts to maintain adequate campgrounds and riding trails.  Pinckney Trail Riders Association is recognized as a Friends Group of the DNR.  As such, PTRA is invited on a regular basis to participate in DNR sponsored Friends Groups Summits and has other equine related input.  PTRA also regularly provides the DNR with our Volunteer Hours Log where volunteer hours for trail maintenance work bees and individuals’ time is recorded.  Since 2008 volunteers have put in over 1050 recordable hours of trail maintenance work.  

We also strive to promote these activities to the general public by providing information on horse campground facilities, horse trails and other related horse activities.